Up Close and Personal

INCREDIBLE INDEED! Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer CHAZ talks about life, love, and music.

When you think of soul music, one would automatically reflect back to the era of the 1960’s thru 1980’s, where some say only the truest of soul music was recorded. I disagree. While R&B has for the most part been disintegrated into an abyss of overdubs, pre-recorded instrumentations, autotunes and stacked vocals to mask thin offerings; that is a genre. It does not necessarily reflect the true definition of Soul Music.

“I sing from my soul. The heart of my emotions. So I class myself as a Soul Music singer”. This was the response to the inevitable question when asked what genre of music singer/songwriter/musician and now producer Chaz Mazon [“Chaz’] would find himself in. And I would have to agree. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Chaz since his earliest days. The first time I heard him it was a rare appearance at a concert by his Stellar/Dove award winning mother, Babbie Mason. His performance of   ‘ I Believe I Can Fly’ at such an early age showed promise of a young man with a major instrument, and one who would sing from the depths of his soul. In just a few short years Chaz has added Songwriter, Musician [guitar, keyboards], and now Producer to his arsenal. I can easily see that and am not surprised at the many hats he wears. In his earlier performances he displayed a dedication to his craft that was relentless, and expects the same from those that he works with. He has traveled the world with his music, including appearances in Paris, Johannesburg, and across the USA, with his band consisting of a variety group of musicians that are able to come together and make magic at that time regardless of the people who are on the bill that performance. His ethics are those of seeking the best in presentation; I’m reminded that he was the very first musician that I ever worked with. Flashback to my first spoken word performance with a kid at the keyboard, who perused my poem and told me it was too long, shorten it, and showed me how lol.. Thanks Chaz!  I’m not too proud to say that a child led me [this was years ago folks].  So when I asked him to relay to others words of encouragement regarding their craft his reply was just as matter of fact, but true.

“I would say to them, that they need to put in the work. Apply themselves. Just think, if you were to work at your gift for 7-8 hours a day everyday, or hours at a time. I know everyone can’t spend that much time a day, but more than just a couple of minutes. Imagine how strong your skill would be! When I work on my music, I apply myself. I want to be good at what I do, not just get by or use a lot of technology to assist me. Don’t get me wrong; technology has played a major part in assisting indies [independent artists] to be heard where we normally would not have a voice. But we should not use it as a replacement for real music”

Because of his long career in his short life as well as the career of his mother, Chaz has seen a lot of transition happen in the music industry. “If I could change one thing about the industry it would be how the artists are taken care of” Chaz stated. “More money would go back to them. It’s a shame that we pour our lives and hearts and souls into making this music, only to have nothing to show for it. I would like to see that happen. I think that would change the industry drastically because more people would be able to survive in it, and it would balance some of the business end of things.”

Some would say that is wishful thinking, however I disagree. I believe that with artists like Chaz making the level of noise that they are away from the front and center stage, there will come a time when the scales of justice will swing as evenly as a pantemeter; an equal balance of business and music will make this industry more harmonious to be a part of.

With a strong future ahead of him, Chaz looks forward to of course making great music, but also throwing on the producers’ hat again and working with other artists. Because of his fearless sense of self-identity I think he will be a major asset in that aspect, and being a real musician I know that he will be one who is much sought after. I encourage all of you artists that have the ability [time, determination, and money] to contact him if you are in the midst of working on your project. Where you land with him; artist/producer, singer/songwriter, artist/musician or mentor/mentee, having a working relationship with him is an assurance that you have found one who truly cares about the bottom line of this music business: the business of making MUSIC.

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