The LIVE Room – Live Project Review

The Living Room – Frank McComb

There is another publication whose name I won’t mention, that gave this project an unfavorable review.  Hm.. proof positive that everyone should not review music.

Frank to me is one of our underrated.  I have not seen him get the respect that he deserves as one of a dying breed: A male vocalist that can Sing [for real], and Play [for real]. His vocals are very reminiscent of Stevie Wonder as you will hear in his off-the-meter version of “Superstition”, but he is not one who is trying to sing like someone.  His quality is his own, and you can appreciate every note of a 2 scale rift for absolutely no reason because it is executed masterfully! [slightly]

The Living Room is a predominately live project.  With Robert Miller (Drummer) and Anthony Carpenter (Bassist)  , Frank delivers a SOLID project with compositions delivered with a skill that has long gone from the forefront of music and sorely missed. The best thing about live music is that each musician has the room to stretch out and “shed” – totally bare naked their skills on display – and when they do they do not disappoint! Lyrically it’s got substance, filled with messages of positivity and just real truth.

“Love has to start out as friends for it to grow, and friendship is the main ingredient for Love Natural” (excerpt from “Love Natural”)

I could say a lot about this project, but not really do it justice.  This is a buy it and see ordeal, an I Told You So. You can turn it on, turn it up, pour a glass, and check him out live, uncut, and bananas!

um yeah.. sidenote other magazine?  I tried to put the links on here where you can find his project, like Dusty Groove, Amazon, CD Baby.. and um.. they are SOLD OUT.  [q-tip anyone?]

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