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Houston’s’ Sexual “Healing”: The Punany Poets with Special Guest Michael Guinn Feb 3 at Red Cat Cafe!

ThePunanyPoetsWebBannerHey Fam!

 On Sunday I will be blogging from Red Cat Jazz Cafe, where The Punany Poets will be performing!

The Punany Poets are hands down the best erotic/sexual health educators dressed as wordsmiths in the game.  The YWCA is teaming up with them for this show in an effort to heighten Sexual awareness regarding AIDS/HIV, while the Punany Poets will also lace it up with some Grown Folk Business by way of Sight [Dancers], Sound [Music], and Words [Poetry].

Here is the information below.  If you are in or close to Houston, You Don’t Want To Miss this. Come out and be entertained, educated, and also help those who help others.

In Rhythm and Blue



Hello friends in Houston,

Thanks you very much for agreeing to share The Punany Experience with me in Houston. I am emailing you now to update you on the events of the day.

First of all, I have taken into consideration that we will be together on Super Bowl Sunday, so I have changed the event time to 8:00pm to offer a little more time for you to prepare.

Pure Zen Massage Services and Accessories Boutique one of our sponsors will offer massage services through the event and will also give a massage demonstration to one of our lucky VIP Guests on stage! We are excited about having them and are already planning a Spa Day Performance for women in their beautiful Boutique on Mother’s Day! Ladies can register for that at the Show.

We are pleased to announce that YWCA Houston will be joining us on Sunday night. Their involvement with me is 3-fold:

1.      YWCA of Houston is a benefiting agency of AIDS WALK HOUSTON 2013 & The Punany Poets Primary mission is to promote Sexual Health. The will be registering walkers, and taking donations during the event.

2.      Lisa Milburn, Program Director will also be speaking on the Subject of HIV AIDS and dissemination Testing information and safer sex supplies, pamphlets and prizes!

3.      Finally, I support the efforts of the WILD Program. As some of you know I, Jessica Holter, grew up in the foster care system in Oakland, CA. I was raised by a woman from Longview, Texas. Mrs. O’Nick instilled in me many of the values I write about today. See “Momma’s Barren Hips” below. I invite and encourage you to help these young women as they age out of the system and into the world ad adults. The statistics on girls like me are staggering. Representatives from The WILD program will be present to offer you information about how you can help.


As Seen on HBO – Author, Activist Jessica Holter presents The Punany Experience on stage inside the Red Cat Jazz Cafe, 711 Franklin St, Downtown Houston, TX 77002, Sunday, February 3rd at 8:00pm. Come enjoy these gifted and talented storytellers and poets as their words are interpreted by music and dance. This interactive show in a unique blend of spoken word, comedy, music, dance and audience interaction that is all at once fantastic and familiar. Fresh and honest, this sensual production for adults only, also speaks to sexual health issues in this age of HIV, without being preachy or judgmental. The Punany Experience is one you will not soon forget, it will turn the pages of your mind making memories that can last a life time. Doors will open at 6:30pm, please arrive on time.



Red Cat Jazz Cafe
711 Franklin St
Downtown Houston, TX 77002
next to Historic Magnolia Brewery Building

DOORS OPEN: 7:00pm
SHOW TIME: 8:00pm
RUN TIME: 90 Minutes

*Please arrive on time, the show will begin and end on time.

I will be headlining the show; performing some classic and new material. My guest performers are:

Michael Guinn is a contributor to my anthology Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms III: The Onliner’s. This will be his second time performing with The Punany Poets. He hails form Dallas, Texas and is a powerful performer who represents the image of “The Black Man” as the strong, self-respecting, confident father and lover Black women know they can be.

 Ms. Night Lyfe did a live audience audition last year in Houston and really showed out for the crowd. She is very sensual and drips with that thing I look for in recruiting people for my productions. Her education is also apparent in her poetry. (Or, as my Momma would say, “That girl can turn a phrase.) She has an MBA from LeTourneau University, Bachelor of Science from Texas Wesleyan University and is pursuing a MA in Psychology from Texas Southern University.

This will be our first time at the Red Cat Jazz Cafe. In keeping with the Jazz tradition of this historic Houston venue, I have written live Jazz music into the show, when Punany dances with the Saxophone… magic happens!

Momma’s Barren Hips

we buried her real proper
in a royal purple dress
in honor of our momma

momma had big barren hips
lips of prophesy
and eyes with the sight

she found broken little chain links
welded them back together with hope
took care of us the best she could
with hardly anything one could call a formal degree
her texas pedigree
was all the education
she needed to stand

we were like black folks on the whole
lost children on the lamb
messed over and up, up and over
entirely dependent on missing fathers
(fathers who were missing) ,
and daddy sam’s economically twisted will

they didn’t understand us
didn’t respect us
didn’t appreciate us
and did care to

neither one of them.

our natural mothers
were lost to insanity’s insatiable desire
burning them in fires of worldly lust
and self indulgence
pharmaceutical drugs
leaving us one and all
by the wayside

but momma had a big strong back
she carried us to the light
planted her seeds in tender minds
built a home where happy, stable children
proudly washed the woodwork
spoke when spoken to, and then respectfully
treated antiques
dusted her prized chandelier
washed pressed and rolled her hair
and tried never to leave fingerprints on the mirrors
where are reflections grew more beautiful over time

she raised strangers to be family
against the odds so plain to see
in ghetto streets where
even Jesus had little power

no man knows the day or the hour
but when hers came we mourned
but delighted in what was surely to come
I see her now at God’s feet
proudly looking down on me
saying, “Lord that there is my gifted child!

kin is as kin loves
love is as love does
but respect is what the heart trusts

Our family union may have been
fostered by social workers
who don’t remember our names
but honor was an ancient African scroll
engraved on a southern momma’s soul

We tried to give back the love
the best way unwanted children could
until the sweet chariot
carried our momma home

By Jessica Holter for Speak the Unspeakable

Jessica Holter’s writings are available for purchase at

& for reading


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