JGM [Just Good Music]

REVIEW: “Simply Incredible” – Chaz

Genre: Soul/Funk/Pop/R&b

From his previous recordings, Chaz has given us some classics such as “In The Groove” and “Love Yourself”. In his newly released project proves to deliver no less than that.  Simply Incredible is a ‘Deluxe Edition’ in that it boasts 19 songs. That in itself is a testament to true art dedication, reminiscent of the days when a project standard was 12-16 selections. I must say up front that while I may know him, I never show bias to anyone. You all know me. If it’s good – it just is. This… is GOOD.

Vocally I have never heard him stronger. He is often regarded to as the male version of Grammy R&B artist Brandy who I know he is a fan of. I have to say I agree, although I’m appreciative that he does not mimic her stylings. I would say the resemblance lies more in the dexterity found in their lower registers; if you listen carefully you find some amazing rifts delivered as opposed to a falloff. His sound is distinct so there will be no mistaking him for 5 other guys who also sound like him, however to his credit, his style has that kind of uniqueness when combined with a hit song lends to the cookie-cutter mentality of the industry – so let’s stay tuned to the carbons they will grind in an attempt to capitalize on it.

Always a strong lyricist, Chaz speaks clearly about Love and Empowerment. In a time where the shock value is more emphasized than a real message, it’s a refreshing homage to those gone before who wanted to tell real stories in their music;

“I’m gonna wake up every morning with a smile upon my face, because I know the one I’m lovin’ is less than an arms’ reach away….some people search for their whole lives tryin’ to find it some people say they’d rather die than live without it..some say that True Love doesn’t exist but I’m here to say I found mine” (excerpt from “True Love”)

His dance cuts are club ready, complete with serious bass lines [also play by Sir Chaz]. [At the point of my exclusive he was still in the studio recording the last song, which like the 18 before will be a nice offering]

The production is actually quite good. That is not a slight; but an observation. This time Chaz himself produced his own work, which can be the death of a dream if one is not skilled in applying the proper ingredients of mixing in order to avoid killing a song with over or under production. There is a sweet indication that the role of producer can be mastered by him as well.

All in all, a well rounded project. It’s not classified by any genre as it boasts a Techno, Folk, R&B, Jazz element dependent upon the song. And is that not refreshing? I always love to hear new music and musicians who are not restricted to the confines of their last hit. It’s ok to be a mono-genre phenom [literary license taken], but it makes you all the more interesting when you can provide quality music for more than one ear. This is a great buy folks.  It bears the ultimate stamp. Music you can drive, sleep, work, play, make love, and groove to.

 AVAILABLE NOW: http://www.chazmason.bandcamp.com

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