Hi there!

DSC_6381I’m an Artist. I’ve sung in every venue from juvenile detention halls to arenas,  church to night club.  I’ve spit poetry on the local and national scene with community artists to Peabody/Emmy winning spoken word masters. I also host 2 radio shows;  Fire&Ice (spoken word,  music), and Game Changers (interviews with the exceptional in their industry)

I love to write.  Songs.  Poems.  Blogs.  You won’t see one every day or week; I only write about things that have the ability to shift or change your view about an aspect of art or life.  That way,  I won’t become redundant,  you won’t get bored,  and what you’ve read or heard will stick ♡.

Read.  Enjoy.  Become empowered.  Think.  Laugh.  Live Life Large!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sparrow

    Lovin the Tri-C Jazzfest..its a class act. Kudo’s to Willard Jenkins, Cliffie Jones, Dr. Sue Thornton and you Neo!

    Tonight……..Nighttown to end the jazzfest right!

    • Thank you so much Sparrow2005! It has been super great. Glad I was able to share a fresh faced look into the world of Jazz [no dis to the serious reps, I learned a LOT from you!]

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