NeoSouljah Joins Radio Wave Forces with LONDON’s JSM!

JSMJazz Syndicate Management & Promotions ( in association with Aja & Claire Simone’s award winning Ketch a Vibe internet station ) is the brainchild of Aja Allsop. Offering management and promotion services to Artists, Musicians and Bands creating Jazz, Soul & Blues music, including all the bits in between.We have recently been joined by Urban Unrest from the USA, and now, Singer/Spoken Word Artist NeoSouljah has teamed with us both as an Artist, and Media representative.

DSC_6381NeoSouljah brings a lot to the table with her experience and talent.  Having performed, worked for and  closely with several organizations including the 2nd largest Gospel Conference [Babbie Mason Music Seminar] as well as the 1st largest Jazz Festival [Tri-C Jazzfest], she has a keen ear for great music.  And being a celebrated artist herself with a project that has been played in over 14 countries, her command of the English Language combined with performance skills sets her in a place of understanding quality Spoken Word.

Together there will be a sharing of Independent Music from these genres, along with some of the best Spoken Word that the world has to offer.  Yes, the world.  Between the 2 shows you will hear art from nearly every continent.  NeoSoul from The Netherlands. Jazz from Zimbabwe. Blues from Australia.  All in one place!

If you are interested in submitting material in any of those genres [Jazz, Blues, Spoken Word, Neo Soul, etc.], Please contact us.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! [as Neo Says]

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