NeoSouljah To Host New Spoken Word Radio Show: WE NEED YOU

open-mic-by-eschipulPOETS, SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS, PERFORMANCE ARTISTS: Beginning on Sunday, February 3,2013, I will host a 2hr show on a 1fm radio station, with the focus on Spoken Word!

I’m targeting those of you that have recorded material, with special emphasis on Jazz, Blues, R&B and NeoSoul music backdrop [tho others will be played as well]. There will be some nights where you can call in and spit Live, but I really want to have a place where people can hear your recorded material, then BUY it. We will also have Features, and some other Major things coming up. If you are interested in having your material played, please send me MP3’s of your material, at least 3, to See below for the criteria.

Of course I wont’ share all that is coming up, but trust me when I say this is a next level show. I will do all I can to service you. Deadline is TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2013. NO EXCEPTIONS. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

1. It must be submitted in MP3 format directly to the email. Use Yousendit, Sendspace, Dropbox, etc. We won’t go Soundcloud shopping.
2. Mild censorship. If you are trying to see how many curse words you can use in 3 minutes, it will not be considered.
3. Theme can be anything you want, however we do not support material that debases or devalues women, religion, sexual peference, etc.
4. CRUCIAL! IT MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON THE INTERNET OUTSIDE OF CD BABY!>> This is a MUST. You have to have it available on another site so that your listening audience will not have to wait until you re-stock CD Baby. If you have not, get an account with Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.
5. It must be available for sale at the time of airplay. Sorry, only established recording artists will get pre-release airtime.

You will receive an email from me letting you know what date you will hear your material. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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