New Focus, New Vision

Hey Lovelies!

So far, I am finding Houston to be the best therapy I could have ever had in my life at this moment. The transition was not easy.  I left all of my family on the east coast in Ohio and Georgia.  Every close friend except one.  Basically, you could say I left my DNA there.  Do I regret it?

Not at all.

Sometimes, in order to achieve the next phase of your vision you have to totally change your surroundings.  And it’s not always as simple as a new apartment.  Or new friends.  Mine was difficult yet simple.  Being an artist it Ohio is difficult.  That is a legendary fact.  Most artists that have succeeded in their career have had to leave, from Steve Harvey and The Ohio Players to LeBron James.  It’s the talent vs. opportunity ratio.  There is some amazing talent in Ohio.  But very few opportunities.

So, I loaded up the truck [well, van lol] and moved to Beverly [Houston, that is 🙂 ]

The weather has been great for my skin, newly cropped hair, and health.  Gone are the steroids needed for breathing in Ohio, so I can now focus even harder on my total weight loss goal of 250 lbs. 65 more to go! [oh.. you didn’t know?  I was kissing 500lbs.  See? ]Image

The area that I live in is really nice.  It’s in the Galleria Mall area, so I am close to all shopping, the beltway, everything.  What I love about stepping outside is that there is an air of expectancy, and focus.  You can sense it.  The atmosphere here is goal oriented.  Every region, I believe, has that driving force to it, be it oppression, carefree, etc.  Think about it.  Go to Miami, and you want to live the uber rich lifestyle.  Los Angeles – Superstar.  Las Vegas – Wealth.

Houston? Purpose.  At least, that is what I am sensing.. could just be around me lol.

At any rate, I am working on building my business and artistic brand.  Will be posting links to the business soon, as well as gearing up the magazine for the July edition.  I have Missed it! Had an amazing series of conversations with the owner and editor-in-chief, who has also become a very valued and trusted friend.  I appreciate the liberty given to me by him to express views and opinions as the enterprise representative on the print media side.  Far be it from me to say that I am the end-all-be-all authority on music, but having as many years in the business on the back and forefront, I have learned a few things.  Being a proponent of preserving our music heritage, it is important to me that we do not simply judge music today by music today.  The barometer should always be those who went before. Not to sound like them, but to retain their work ethic, professionalism, and most importantly, focus.  Sound was priority.

Ok, off that soapbox lol.

Once I have finished unpacking [like, I still have stuff in the car lol], and settling, my next focus will be to meet some musicians here in the 713/832/281.  I’m starting to feign a mic!

Live Life Large!

In Rhythm and Blue


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