My Journey to my New Home – Day 3

It’s morning.  Wow, what a night last night.  We drove thru Mississippi.  Now, my plan was to stop in every state and buy something.  I bought a shot glass in KY, forgot TN.  And that was because when my partner in crime Kelly [we call ourselves Thelma & Louise] took the wheel, she felt as if we should not  stop in MS.

Turns out, that they had announced on the news just 2 hours before we drove thru that a man was shot by a fake police officer on the very highway we were driving on!  Wow.. we did see a lot of trooper cars.  Did not know why.  The MERCY and PROTECTION of GOD.  Amazing.

Moving forward….

We decided to stop in New Orleans today.  Neither of us have ever been so we are super excited.  We found a fabulous hotel near the airport, it’s bigger than my last apartment I

Headed towards my new home in Houston.  People keep asking me, do I have something lined up there. Not really.  Do I know someone there.  A few, but only one good personal friend.  But I am  not going there to find friends.  And hang out.  I am on a Destiny move.  There is something there for me.  What?  I don’t know.  But hey, if we knew everything that life was going to have in store for us, we would not need Faith, or Courage, or Strength.  We would never fully laugh because we never cried.  And never enjoy because we were never disappointed.  Feel me?

It was hard to leave my family and church, and friends.  But I know they love me as I love them.  They are praying for me, rooting for me, calling me on the road.  I am confident that they will be cared for and do the same.

In life, you can only live 2 ways.  For others.  Or for yourself.  You have to decide.


Talk with you soon,

In Rhythm and Blue


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