Jazz of A Different Order: An Evening with Diana Krall : Tri-C Jazzfest

Hey Jazz Lovers,

This evening was a bit different for me, as not only was I not familiar with a lot of her music or style, but also had never heard her live.  I like the events that have been like that, because I can give a fresh ear to something and give an honest recap.

Not a diminished view at all when I say this. But it was the most night and day experience of my attendance of music concerts series ever.  For the previous night [Sanborn & Shorty] there was pretty much casual and semi dressy attire.  For Diana, People dressed up – I saw sequins, furs, capes, and couples out on serious dates.  S&S, there were blazing light shows and booming music. Her set was intimate, very soft lighting.  S&S was everywhere including in the aisles.  Diana’s was more collective; all 4 musicians in a nice little 4 square group hug: Karriem Wiggins – Drums; Anthony Wilson – Guitar; and Robert Hurst – Bass.

                                [note: this was a no ‘informal’ media event.  Picture is from media site Cleveland.com]

Her intro was from the man himself, legendary Super Producer Tommy LiPuma, who has produced her as well as Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, and Paul McCartney to mention a few. The music was totally different.  Kind of Easy Listening Jazz, but she also plays a mean blues piano.  Girl can go!  I did recognize a few songs, like the guitarist killin the Isaac Hayes anthem “Walk On By” [by Burt Bacharach] and most notably “So Nice”, which I enjoyed.

The thing that I took away most of all from her performance, was an appreciation for Diversity. I have heard nearly every form of Jazz that could be represented this week: Straight-ahead, Smooth, Alternative, Jazz/Soul fusion.  I have heard every instrument, except a flute I think [may have been one with Re-Re].  Vocally I have heard powerhouse vocals from Maysa, sultry from Ki Allen, innovative from Kellylee.  So it was good to see some Girl Power again! [lol], and see a female that has mastery of her voice and an instrument at the same time, and come from Jazz/Blues/Bossa Nova, the contrast to The Queens Jazz/R&B/Gospel.

The diversity was nice.  I came away having an even deeper love for music’s expression, which can satisfy the palate of even the most discerning listener.  One thing’s for sure, those that came to see her, truly appreciate her style and were very enthusiastic.  Personally I more absorbed the atmosphere and setting as opposed to the music, because it played a very big part in the whole experience.  Kind of made me feel like a kid who had walked in on grown folks business in my dungarees eating a sandwich to their gowns and caviar, lol. My quiet this time was a different silence.  At times I am silent taking in the beauty of the instrumentation.  This time, I took in the ambiance.  The hushed, subdued, but very enraptured audience.  Music.  Gotta Love it! [who doesn’t?]

JAZZFEST WRAPS UP TONIGHT! The last 2 shows are tonight! Please go to http://www.tricpresents.com and check out tonight’s line up, then do yourself a favor and get that ticket, grab your honey, and have an incredible dinner as well at Nighttown, Cleveland’s premier Jazz Club.

You will NOT be disappointed.  I tell you.. you will NOT

In Rhythm and Blue


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2012 Tri-C Jazzfest

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