Music And Art Are One! Tri-C Jazzfest: Matt Wilson’s Arts & Crafts

Hello Jazzy Ones!

Ok I confess, when I saw the title “Arts & Crafts”, I thought hm.. does he Make drums?  And is he going to display how some of them sound?  I was intrigued.  Usually if I am unfamiliar with an artist, I will do my research on them.  This time, for some reason I did not, don’t remember why. But I am glad that I did not.

I hope that you, as the reader, understand the way I blog.  I do not do so as a Jazz Aficionado, though I am versed a bit.  I wanted to share the experience of the Jazzfest as a mere listener and appreciator of quality music.  I think that perspective is the underdog in music review.  Hopefully, relaying these experiences to you in an appreciative as opposed to editorial form will help you to understand more of Jazz and the real feel of it as a listener.

That being said?  I’m having trouble with words for this night, and I am very well versed in the English language, am a Spoken Word artist, and a Songwriter.  I’m at a descriptive loss.  I have enjoyed every concert that I have been to.  I promise you that.  To see real artistry, and hear live music has been like an indulgence of a different cheesecake every night.  Rich, and satisfying lol.

Tonight however, was the first time that I cried from the beauty of what I heard.  And I am still quite emotional from it. I don’t have a lot of pictures for this blog.  It appears that my hands were trembling a lot.  Seriously.  You could not be in the room and not be impacted by the beauty of SOUND.

Matt Wilson is not a drummer.  And he was not accompanied by some skilled musicians.  They are exactly what the name says.  Arts, and Crafts.  I heard the drums and various percussions tonight that I have never heard interpreted that way before in ANY genre.  At one point, he was playing a reed flute, and swirling it around the top of the high hat, while making some form of sound on the top of the high hat.

Not to mention playing the drums with his hands as the pianist, Gary Versace played the Steinway with his left hand….and the Hammond with his right!.  Unreal!

The display of artistry was Spectacular.  Opening up with “Little Boy With The Sad Eyes” Gary Versace played that organ from a place deep in his soul.  Every solo was skilled, and unique, with a display of mastery of their instruments that was next level.  Martin Winn was so nimble on the Bass that at one point it sounded like there were two bassists.

Finally I just gave up on trying to maintain my cool when Terrell Stafford on Trumpet delivered a haunting yet mindblowing performance on “Happy Days Are Here Again”.  They performed some of the material from his new CD “Attitude of Gratitude”, and I shelled out my last fistful of dollars to take it home with me [ask the volunteer, she will tell you!]

As hilarious as gifted, Matt kept us laughing about replenishing the community as part of the stimulus package [you had to be there], and was so passionate about the music that he made more noise than all of us haha!

Without a doubt, this was the most innovative, and creative display of artistry in musicianship that I have ever seen, heard, or experienced.  Thank Heavens that Tri-C has stayed dedicated to providing quality music in their Jazzfests each year.  This was Six Flags, Woodstock, a Family Picnic, Fireworks, and a Sunset over the Ocean at High Tide all at once.

I have said it all week.  I will say it again.  Attend a concert this year. You will NOT be disappointed!

In Rhythm and Blue [and tonight..awe]


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Tri-C Jazzfest 2012

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