A Sweet Treat! Tri-C Jazzfest: “Thunder From The Heartlands ft. Ernie Krivda”

Greetings Jazzy Ones!

I called this one Sweet Treat, because I had never heard Ernie Krivda before.  And, I had always wondered what The Hermit Club was, since it is so exclusive looking lol.  Turns out, it is.

The Hermit Club is a very exclusive club that was established in 1904.  It is the nation’s oldest private club.  THE NATION’S.  So much rich history in Cleveland!  I spoke to some men that knew about it, and found that it was at one point a very exclusive men’s only club [may still be?] and was for the very affluent. More notably, it is known however to house in it’s beautifully carved English Tudor annals, a platform devoted to nonprofessional performing arts, and is headed by those who truly appreciate the arts as opposed to us common industry folk.  How rare!  To have a place that gives room for the art just because of the love for it.  There is a great history behind it.  I encourage you to check it out.  www.thehermitclub.org 

As supporters of the arts, they often have Jazz events.  The interior is as the exterior: rich, elegant, and stately.  To me, the absolute perfect place to have Ernie Krivda play. When I saw him, he was, as they used to say, “dressed to the nines”.  Complete with a fedora, Ernie fit the atmosphere.  It was formal and friendly, as was he.  More conversational than most of the other participants to date, he at once kept us laughing, and shared some of the rich history behind the musicians that were with him on the stage:

Bobby Floyd – Piano;  Jeff Grubbs – Double Bass, Brad Goode – Trumpet, Renell Gonsalves – Drums, and Brad Goode – Guitar. [had to sit in the very back.  Place was standing room only!]

I like the name of the set “Thunder From The Heartlands” Each of these musicians are from the Midwestern state area [Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan], and each state is very heavily vetted in the Jazz community.  The atmosphere was elegant.  The music, was super lush.  He has been compared to Cannonball Adderly in his approach.  I have never heard the tenor sax played as beautifully as I had that night.

Now, that is no disparagement to others.  I am not a huge horn jazz enthusiast by liking; more of a guitar and piano kinda girl.  But this night, we got all of the above.  I sat in total rapture as did most.  Even the media barely moved, so intoxicating was the sound.  I was transported back to the rich sound of music that used to flow from the television in my youth.  Not just Jazz, but that lush feel to it, like the scene in Cinderfella with Count Basie, or numerous backdrops of great classic movies.  Yes.  That is the word for these gentlemen.  This night, Jazz was Classic.  I even felt underdressed.

Even more heartwarming was the demographic and cultural meld within those walls.  We were of every color and creed, as I met Anglo, African-American, Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Sicilian to  name a few. There were those who needed elevators because their mature state would not allow them to take the stairs.  And there was the moment that made me emotional: watching a grandmother come in with her granddaughter who could not have been more than 6-10 years of age.  Both were dressed very nicely, and the youngster sat and listened just as rapturously as her Nana.  Wow.. how often do you see that?

Tri-C has night after night provided us with quality material.  This night, it was beautifully represented in an expression that could be appreciated by Jazz enthusiasts, appreciators, media, volunteers, staff, guests, members, and the very young.

Again, I encourage you to not miss another night of this festival which runs thru Sunday night, April 29,2012.  Go to http://www.tricpresents.com and treat your soul.  You will NOT be disappointed.

In Rhythm and Blue


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Tri-C Jazzfest 2012

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