NeoSouljah Official Blogger for 2012 Tri-C Jazzfest!

Last year I had the distinct honor of hosting and performing at the first ever Poetry and Jazz collaboration within the Tri-C Jazzfest.  Most don’t know (including some people right here in the city) that this Jazzfest is the largest in the Midwest.  Yes. It even surpasses the Cincinnati Jazz Festival by way of size and content.  It runs for a whopping 11 days consecutively with day and evening events, as well as a few dates prior. There are classes, tributes, and each night an incredible concert including the All-Stars concert which pairs together artists you may never see on one stage together.  This year for the All Stars David Sanborn, Gerald Albright, Maysa and a few others are scheduled.

This year they are not having the poetry session, however I was able to inquire via a very good friend of mine about a being a blogger for the Jazzfest as I had done one last year.  They said YES.  I am the Official Blogger!

 Now I am totally beside myself on this.  Not just because of the artists, but because of the ART itself.

What I love about Jazz is that it’s what I call a “Structured Random”. What I mean by that, is that there is a structure; be it Straight-ahead in some crazy 6/4 time signature or Nu-Jazz with a straight pentameter but more R&B infused, within that structure the artist whether vocal or instrumental can color outside the lines. And it still fits.  To hear such a great lineup of artists from the new [Esperanza Spalding] to the seasoned [David Sanborn] to all things encompassed [Aretha Franklin] is sure to be the best earcandy ever.

Do yourself a favor.  If you love Jazz, or if you just love real music with real musicians, get a ticket.  Get 3, or every night if you can.  It is the best investment you will make musically this year.  For more details check out


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