New Season, New Adventures

Hey There!

ok, I know.. I have been promising to do a blog for the longest time.  So much happens that I need to, but so much happens that sometimes I just don’t have time.  You’ll have to get in the car and go with me lol!

Ok lots to cover quickly, so here goes:

1. WHY THE BLOG NOW? Several reasons.  I do have a lot going on, and while I love to pen and paper write and talk on the phone, my new responsibilities don’t allow that much time for those luxuries. Not like I would prefer but hey, if I had time for that all of the day then my life is not progressing.

2. MAGAZINE – I am now the Co-Founder and Sr. Editor/Music Reviews for the fastest growing, #1 magazine on the internet (yes, I said it).  It’s called Purifying the Mic/Blueprint of Soul Music.  I run it with a very good and dear friend named Reginald Ford.  Recognize the name? You should.  He is the man, the brain, The Voice behind LOTL Radio: Rebirth of The Quiet Storm, one of the top 10 internet radio shows on Blogtalk, and now also airs Syndicated on Live 365. (check it out ).  I LOVE our musicchild!  It’s filled with interviews from Blueprint artists (we don’t like the term “Old School”) that have paved the way for us newer artists to emerge, like The Ohio Players, The Isley Brothers, Enchantment and more.  Then there is the indie section, which showcases as many great indie artists as I can get my hands on that month along with a featured one.  Interviews with Industry people; professional background vocalists, publicists, more.  And great information on things to look for in contracts, vocal care, more!  be sure to check it out, and PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.  The “Like” button has made us so anti-social

Here is the link:

3. NSV Chapter 2 – I am currently taking submissions for new music.  Jazz and NeoSoul or pure R&B only.  If you are interested, please check me on facebook for my contact info.

4. LIFE – If you have heard rumblings about me relocating, they are TRUE.  I am moving west.  Houston, TX.  Super excited about the prospect of meeting new people, experiencing new things, and maybe finally meeting that 6’9″ guy to walk me down the red carpet haha.. (everything is bigger in Texas).  I will be within the next 8 or 9 weeks or so, so stay tuned for updates on possible Neo sightings at the mic! hahah..

Well, that is it for now.  I hope with this little detail you now understand why you don’t see me as much, hear from me as much, or get to interact that much.  If not.  Hey.. GET OVER IT hhahaa.. aww.. c’mere.. I didn’t mean it..


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